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A series of architectural artworks in specially-made waterjet-cut ceramics for the Maternity ward of Chelsea & Westminster Hospital in London.

The works, collectively called "Radiance" are all on the theme of birth and rebirth:

"Birth is one of the great markers in our lives, our birth, giving birth, the start or expansion of a family, it is at the very root of everything, it is where everything begins, it is an experience both communal, shared, and intensely private, one celebrated by society as a whole, whilst being profoundly moving and life changing for everyone involved. Since the beginning of time birth has been associated with the joy of spring, with the annual miracle of the earth sending forth incalculable quantities of efflorescent beauty, colour and flora, the great life-burst of recurrent abundance. It is said that after birth there is a miraculous glow that immerses and then radiates from the mother and child, a flowering aura of newness and possibility and love. Radiance fuses these themes, it is a colourful flowerburst of verdantly effusive happiness, an abstracted rush of elation."

Photography by Gareth Gardner






These tiles are available for purchase from Surface Design Studio. For quotes email Mark Wood at with reference to the Adam Nathaniel Furman collection